new generation source of nutrients

Nanoplant is a range of products containing nutritional and stimulating elements in the form of nanoparticles - a new generation solution for sustainable and effective agriculture

Nanoplant is a high assimilable mineral elements concentrate developed in the unique process of nanotechnology. Nanoparticles of minerals have very high biological activity and specific properties. Nanoplant accelerates and stabilizes metabolic processes in plant cells, which causes that they produce the necessary amounts of enzymes, phytohormones, phenolic and other organic bioactive compounds.

The results of many years of research, carried out under different environmental conditions, prove that Nanoplant affects the increase in crop yields and the improvement of the quality parameters of the crop. It is particularly important that Nanoplant increases the tolerance of plants to unfavorable environmental conditions, biotic and abiotic stresses. It has been proved that the use of Nanoplant reduces the toxic effects of plant protection products on crops and allows faster regeneration of plants after the stress factor has been relieved.

  • Certified
  • Quality composition
  • Easy to use
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • 100% absorption



How it works?


Metabolic processes of plants in which organic compounds are created that have building and bioactive functions are controlled by enzymes. Metals (Zn, Mo, Cu, Fe, Co, Se and others) act as activators of enzymes, forming with them a chemically active complex.
Nanoparticles of metals, contained in Nanoplant, thanks to nano sizes and a natural polymer coating instantly penetrate membrane walls of plant cells. After penetration into the cell, the polymeric capsule undergoes controlled decomposition, and metal ions become involved in metabolic processes.

Regular use of Nanoplant (seeds coating or foliar spraying) ensures that the plant maintains the metabolic processes at a high level and becomes less sensitive to unfovorable external factors.

Nanoplant does not interfere with natural metabolic processes, it does not introduce unnatural foreign compounds into the plant tissues. Components of Nanoplant are plant friendly and they are not a stress factor for them.


Why choose Nanoplant?

Quick and significant <br/> effect
Quick and significant
Stimulates development and <br/> growth
Stimulates development and
Improves yield <br/> quality
Improves yield
Increases the use of nutrients
Increases the use of nutrients
Improves tolerance  <br/> to stress
Improves tolerance
to stress
Allows quick recovery<br/> after stress
Allows quick recovery
after stress
Compatible with all <br/> pesticides & fertilizers
Compatible with all
pesticides & fertilizers
Plant & environment friendly
Plant & environment friendly

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