We are a company that appreciates technological and biological progress, which is being done all over the world, the effort of scientists working on new technologies for efficient and environmentally safe agriculture. We promote innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture and hope to become a partner of the farmer and an irreplaceable supplier of modern products and technologies for farms.

We participate in this progress by investing in research and development of products that allow even better use of the genetic potential of crops, reduce or eliminate stress, improve the quality of crops and food while respecting the natural environment, animal organisms and humans.

Our mission: To spread innovative products based on nanotechnology in Europe and worldwide, for crop nutrition and plant stimulation. Get to know the effects of nano nutrients even better, recommend and position them better.

Our goal: Being a reliable partner for every farmer and leader in nano fertilizers in Europe.

Our values:
• Knowledge supported by scientific research
• Practical experience of cooperation with farms
• Wide scientific background
• Innovative and original technology
• Interdisciplinary team of partners
• Respect for nature and people
• Openness and loyalty to partners
• Fairness in business relations
• Flexibility and readiness for unconventional arrangements




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